The woman behind


Marie's love for jewelry started when she traveled the world and found unique jewelry materials. An endless fascination with putting together colors, metals, stones and enamel in new unique ways. This was the start of an exciting journey, which today is in a great development.

"I am not an educated jewelry designer, but I have the drive and the ambitions - I really want this. I love creating something beautiful.” – Marie Rantzau, designer and owner.

ENAMEL Copenhagen combines the colorful, playful and elegant, which gives the jewelry a completely unique look. All the jewelry is made of 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver and is produced in Thailand - a long-term collaboration with larger and smaller workshops. Without compromising on quality, our jewelry hits a price range where everyone can join.



The inspiration for the collections comes from the East, where the jewelry also are produced. Marie Rantzau develops her designs by first building up and then cutting right down to the bone so that there is nothing superfluous on the styles. Often, she takes up traditional jewelry styles and gives them a new twist.

The simple, the light, the playful and the humorous are what characterize ENAMEL Copenhagen. It should be fun, serious and innovative at the same time. ENAMEL Copenhagen is in constant renewal, but at the same time has some solid cornerstones

“I am constantly in inspiration mode. I follow and interpret the world and the image we are in. It never stops.”
– Marie Rantzau, designer and owner.

From idea to finished jewelry

ENAMEL Copenhagen is more than just the finished jewelry you see in the shops. It is a long process that begins as a budding idea and ends as a finished piece of jewelry. The popular jewelry designs stem from Marie Rantzau's creativity and are shaped and adapted, i.a. through advanced 3D drawings. When the sketch is finished, a sample is produced, which is then put into production.

The jewelry is produced in Thailand. Since Marie Rantzau laid the foundations for ENAMEL Copenhagen in 2009, she has collaborated with permanent teams in both Thailand and China and in this way she helped to create new jobs.

“My regular collaborations in the East are important - both for ENAMEL and for the people who produce the jewelry. I am delighted to be able to help create not only designs and jewelry, but also jobs for people who need good working conditions." – Marie Rantzau, designer and owner. 


Marie Rantzau creates four collections a year: Spring / Summer, High Summer, Autumn / Winter and Christmas. The collections are feminine and cool with a summer collection where the different designs are playful and light with a bang on the colors, and a winter collection with a focus on matching what suits us best in the cold months. Many of the jewelry become classics and are in high demand among ENAMEL Copenhagen's customers.

All collections can be mixed and matched, which gives endless combinations and many opportunity to create a unique and personal look.