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At Enamel, we are constantly evolving to create jewellery that suits your individual personality. Every day, we create, design, and produce jewellery that will enable you to feel well-dressed and super confident. That is why we have created our Lola series. It is based on a beautiful and colourful style consisting of chains with the most refined small enamel balls. Our Lola range offers stunning and colourful details, and you will find both braceletsnecklaces, and earrings in the same series.

With Lola, we purposefully worked with one design that is repeated in different ways. Although the jewellery is based on the same idea, the fine enamel balls in different colours mean that each piece of jewellery stands out in its own right. With the Lola series, you get the opportunity to express your character, depending on which jewellery you choose.

On this page, you will find Lola. Our playful approach to design and jewellery means that we design high quality modern classics with a sophisticated and contemporary feel.

Lola holds the best of Enamel

We have a design history based on some concrete principles. Our vision is to create timeless, top quality jewellery at prices that don’t cost the earth. We design jewellery for the strong and confident woman – one who follows her dreams and her heart. We love the playfulness and the light in the world – this strongly influences our collections and is a vital part of our jewellery’s characteristics.

Lola holds everything we love. With Lola you find both simplicity and lightness in all of the items of jewellery, with an added element of colour. Each piece stands out in just the right way, bearing unique details and a design that you will only find with us.

The name Enamel is not accidental. Enamel is a fundamental part of our company’s DNA evident right across our jewellery collections. The fine enamel balls in different colours are characteristic of Lola and are the core of the series. We have combined delicate, thin chains with pleasing colours that give each piece of jewellery its own charm.

Let the coloured enamel balls define your jewellery

The enamel that we use in the Lola series is a classic element of our jewellery. It not only adds colour to bracelets and necklaces but also life and lightness. In our Lola Rainbow and Lola Dreamy, you will see that the colours define each piece beautifully and elegantly.

The name of our jewellery tells a story; with Lola Rainbow, you certainly get the colours of the rainbow – both gently and softly. The shades of colour have a calmness that creates coherence across our jewellery ranges. This offers you jewellery that can be worn alone, or mixed and matched in combination with others in our collections, or with other jewellery you may already own.

We do offer, of course, a complete set of Lola Rainbow or Lola Dreamy. You can choose to go all-in on the rainbow look with multi-colours, or enjoy our one-colour shades. Our coloured chains look perfectly cool with a simple white T-shirt, but they add a little extra to any outfit, completing your look with style and class.

Solid colour jewellery for everyday wear

The Lola series, comprises of several jewellery pieces that you can wear individually or in combination with each other. In addition to our multi-coloured jewellery in the series, you will find three different single colours, each of which appeals for its delicate and light feel - choose from soft pink, coral or blue.

All three colour shades embrace subdued tones which create both coherence and dynamism in your jewellery combinations. They evoke a calmness, and directly hit on the most significant pastel trend for a long time. Our Lola range gives you the opportunity to not only have a modern classic but also to own stylish jewellery with a fashionable edge.

The solid-coloured enamel balls make it easy to combine your gold or silver jewellery, adding a little extra colour in endless possibilities. Wear several necklaces together, or mix your simple bracelets with our Lola series. You can never have too much jewellery, and Lola offers you a fabulous opportunity to expand your jewellery collection.

Enamel cherishes quality and unique design

For us, high quality is paramount. That is why all of our jewellery is produced in 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver. In addition, we invent new concepts and constantly develop what we have already created – our designs are evolving all of the time. We simultaneously cherish you as a customer and aim to offer you exciting opportunities to choose high quality accessories. That is why our top quality jewellery is made with care and sold at a price that makes it possible for any woman to feel even more beautiful.

Lola delivers both high quality and exceptional design. This makes our series ideal for both everyday life and for festive occasions. You can easily wear the jewellery with a pair of simple trousers and a T-shirt, or throw on your favourite shirt and let a lovely necklace with coloured enamel balls come into its own. If you are going out, you can easily wear the jewellery with some chunkier pieces to make a real statement, or choose to sport a simple Lola set, which gives the perfect balance to a smart black dress.

Buy your jewellery at Enamel

Lola is a series that we have fallen in love with, and we hope you do too. But these are not the only pieces of jewellery you will find with us. We have designed several different collections that you can have fun checking out. You will find everything from small ear studs and hoops to necklaces with pendants and beautiful rings. You will find most of our jewellery in gold, but we also have a stunning range in silver too. So go looking for your new jewellery, and create creative and classic combinations that suit just you.