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Every single season offers something extraordinary. As the seasons change, we let ourselves be inspired by all that is around us. Therefore, we regularly welcome great new arrivals, so you can always find the latest jewellery online that allows you to create your very own style.

Our new arrivals consist of new collections and delicate designs, each thought through from beginning to end. We all love renewal, of course, but often we feel safe with sticking to designs that are enduring. At Enamel, we design timeless and modern jewellery, so there is always something for the woman you are and for the woman you want to be.

Here on this page, we continuously update our new arrivals. You will find modern jewellery with a playful twist, which is the trademark of the Enamel jewellery you may already know. Our new arrivals fit into new seasons, but common to them all is that you get today's classics that last for many years.

Everyday life as inspiration

At Enamel, we cherish creating jewellery collections that embody the perfect accessory; elegant pieces that can be worn comfortably all day and also look special for parties. For us, our new arrivals must always be based on the Scandinavian style and thus all the elements that surround us every single day.

Even though we let ourselves be inspired by big and small, you will always find a part of our strong DNA in all of our new arrivals. Enamel means enamel, and therefore all jewellery is furnished with small enamel balls or dangling embellishments, giving you a perfect mix of Enamel’s unique designs.

Our selection of new arrivals is always simple, beautiful, and top quality. You will find something for every woman on our website, as we aim to create expressive and attractive accessories and jewellery for a look that you can define. New collections, therefore, will not only attract attention to our classic Enamel jewellery, but to the finer details, shapes, and expressions of our style too.

Enamel since 2012

Enamel saw the light of day for the first time in 2012. It all started from a small cellar, but today we are one of Scandinavia's most well-known jewellery brands. So many women have found their favourites with us based on creating quality jewellery at prices that everyone can afford.

Our vision is clear when it comes to launching new jewellery online. You will quickly see that all our new arrivals come with a lightness, elegance, and a touch of humour that make them so

distinctive. Our philosophy is that we strive to create modern classics where high quality and design are paramount.

We aim to create stories and bring people closer together every single day. It is the most crucial task when designing jewellery, and our new collections are always based on the strong woman who dreams of creating her own story in life.

New collections with one particular focus

At Enamel, it is essential that we continually renew our range and let our ideas unfold to create something entirely new. So, Marie Rantzau, owner and designer of Enamel, launches four different collections each year. All the collections are feminine and cool, and the summer collection, especially, has a playful lightness about it.

The collections offer new arrivals that, amongst other things, are colourful. This particularly applies to the summer collection, whereas the winter collection offers specially selected colours and details to suit the winter months.

As part of our new arrivals, you will also find a wealth of beautiful pastel colours, enamel balls, and stylish stones adorning all jewellery. You can choose which colour shades suit you best because we have created something for all women. The best thing is that you can always mix and match our designs across different collections.

The big and small news

We love it when we can introduce you to a range of new arrivals on this page. This can be anything from small, delicate earrings added to a range, to an entirely new collection, where neat details and beautiful stones are repeated throughout the styles.

One thing that is certain with our new arrivals is that you get Danish jewellery online, at top quality. When we design, we create unique, pared-down style. This offers you jewellery ranges where nothing is random, everything is well considered, and each collection's stylish and straightforward expression is cherished.

The range in our new arrivals reaches far and wide - you can find gold earrings, silver jewellery, or a brand new necklace. All of our jewellery can be easily mixed and matched within, or across, collections – if you already have Enamel jewellery, this will enable you the opportunity to create unique combinations yourself.

Buy new arrivals from Enamel today

Our four collections of the year offer a large selection of novelties that you will easily fall in love with. Our dreamy and playful world offers you light and vibrant jewellery that is both modern and classic without costing you a fortune.

We have gathered all our new arrivals right here, so you can buy your jewellery directly from the online shop. Our contemporary jewellery is a true statement for any woman who wants to create unique compositions that say something about her. You can select all your favourites in gold, opt for coloured details to pave the way, or choose to mix both gold and silver designs.

On this page, we proudly present all of our latest designs. We want to offer new arrivals to you that make it possible to constantly create personal expression and renew your jewellery collection at home. So, go hunting amongst our new arrivals to find your next new jewellery pieces - perfect accessories for everyday life that can be worn with confidence at work, family gatherings, or for a big night out.