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Necklaces in gold

Gold necklaces are a constant fashion trend that never die out. At Enamel, we love the beautiful tones from the gold surface that you find on the vast majority of our jewellery. Our collections exude quality, class, and unsurpassed simplicity - they are statement pieces designed for you to show off.

The gold necklace is one of our key items. Our collections always contain new offers for beautiful gold chains because we love what simple chains can do. That is why you will find our range of gold necklaces right here.

We aim to target an audience that encompasses all types of women. This has resulted in a great diversity in our designs, but you can still see clear connections across our ranges. We build up our designs from many ideas, from which we create unique, pared-down style. All of our gold necklaces, therefore, have a unique playful lightness, defining each one as an individual piece of jewellery.

Gold necklaces for women without compromise

Back in 2012, Marie Rantzau had a great idea. Her deep love for beautiful jewellery started on her journey around the world, and out of this journey she founded Enamel. She had a vision that Enamel would be a playful, fascinating, and beautiful jewellery world where colours and shapes could unfold in exciting new ways.

True to her vision, this means that Enamel designs jewellery today where colours, metals, stones, and enamel are composed in innovative and unique ways. The company’s name implies enamel, and therefore you will often find a small detail of enamel on the vast majority of our pieces; our name accompanies our jewellery.

But it's not just about play and design. Quality is also a focal point for all our necklaces, rings, and other gold jewellery. Our jewellery is designed for strong and style-conscious women who know what good quality is all about. And we all know that good quality can also come at reasonable prices that everyone can afford.

That's why you will see that our gold necklaces are relatively inexpensive, even though quality has not been compromised. We produce our jewellery in 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver – it’s made with love too, which can be seen in the materials, quality and finesse.

The simple gold necklace

The choice of gold or silver is a matter of taste for many women. Some favour wearing both, so that they do not have to choose one or the other. But, it has to be said that one particular item is always a classic - we are, of course, talking about the simple gold necklace.

A necklace in gold is often the focal point when choosing the finer details of the day’s outfit. The necklace is a must-have, and it elegantly accessorizes everything from a white T-shirt and jeans to a dress and heels.

Each one of our gold necklaces for women offers something unique. Our selection is broad, as we want to appeal to all women whilst still being true to our DNA and our company’s vision in designing simple jewellery. That is primarily why this collection mainly consists of simple chains – from thin chains with a small pendant and delicate enamel, to wider chains offering elegance and style.

Pearls and colours live and play

Play and life are important to us. We love to rethink and reinterpret old classics as well as enjoying creating our bespoke designs. When it comes to gold necklaces for women, we have several on-trend styles to choose from. Our gold necklace with pearls is one of our biggest sellers, which you will notice we offer in different colours.

The tiny beads are placed at regular intervals on the thin gold chain. The beads bind the different joints together creating lightness and play along the whole length of the chain. As mentioned above, our pearl necklace is available in different shades – choose solid-coloured pearls in your favourite colour, or go for multi-coloured ones for an overall rainbow effect.

Pendants in your own style

It’s not only the very simple necklaces that you can find on our site; our range also offers gold necklaces with eye-catching pendants. For instance, you might just fall in love with our freshwater pearl on a thin gold chain. You will also find larger gold pendants that match contemporary jewellery styles, so these could be mixed and matched with pieces you already have in your own collection.

Offering you the option to combine our collections is crucial for us. You will find a common thread across our collections and listed categories to help you find a bracelet that matches your favourite necklace, or one to match your rings if you prefer. As a strong and style-conscious woman, we are enabling you to put your stamp on your own accessory narrative.

Our chains can be combined in a multitude of ways. For example, you can choose a long gold necklace and combine it with a shorter necklace with pearls. Or you can choose a simple necklace along with a gold one with a lovely pendant. Or you can even add a charm to your favourite chain.

Buy your gold necklace at Enamel

At Enamel, you will find a large selection of contemporary jewellery. We aim to create a world where there is room for you, me, and everyone else. This is especially true of our many gold necklaces for women - by wearing one, we feel sure that you will feel confident and empowered.

On this page, you will find our range of gold necklaces. We guarantee that all of our designs are created with a love for materials, a nod to significant trends, and durability in their design. So why not look through our selection here to find some new favourites - we will make sure they’re sent to you within a few days so that you can dress up with beautiful gold necklaces as soon as possible.

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