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Gold earrings have been a true classic for women for decades, and at Enamel Copenhagen, gold is the core of many designs. We cherish the good quality and the beautiful silhouettes that the fantastic material can create.

Our collection of gold earrings consists of both large and small. We have chunky gold hoop earrings, small gold earrings, big gold earrings, and many other types of earrings in gold. It gives you the opportunity to combine them in your own unique way. Explore our range here.

Get big earrings in gold with an alluring detail

We love the beautiful material and the warm glow that gold jewelry adds. Therefore, quality also means a lot to us, and we produce all our earrings in 18 carat gold plated sterling silver. When it comes to gold, it is our core competence.

All our gold-plated earrings have a unique look, and each design is created through a creative process. We have ensured that our Enamel Copenhagen jewelry is simple, light, and at the same time has a humorous and playful expression.

The name Enamel came since our first, and to this day most popular jewelry, has hand painted enamel details, and there is a special reason for this. Because in many of our simple gold earrings you will find a piece of our DNA. Among other things, you will find beautiful enamel balls that form the framework for some characteristic jewelry.

Enamel Copenhagen was started by Marie Rantzau back in 2012. It all started in a small basement where Marie could unfold her creative ideas and create jewelry for all women. Today we are known for a playful lightness, modern classics and pure elegance in our many jewelries. This applies to our plated gold hoop earrings, gold-plated rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Find thick gold hoop earrings that Never Go Out of Style

Many Danish women have a love for hoops, and we understand that. The round earring, which comes in many different sizes, is a true classic. The beautiful gold earrings, also known as creoles, have a timeless expression that in every way always works for any outfit.

Our selection of gold hoops earrings spans far and wide. We have made sure that you get to let your style dominate, as our selection includes many different types. First, you will find a wide range of big and small gold hoop earrings, and some of them are even decorated with fine stones. Gold earrings with stones always add a little extra elegance, which makes them extra remarkable.

Our hoops with pendants are small and simple, but the play is also turned up a bit. You will find different designs of the hoops on which the balls are attached, and then you will get beautiful color combinations to your liking. You can choose the soft pastel colors or let the whole rainbow live on your new earrings in gold.

See our studs - Simple Gold Earrings

If you want a smaller earring that is easy to use both in the office, for sports and for the finer occasions, our little earrings are for you. Our selection varies in shape, size, and expression. We move from the very small and classic earrings with a single stone, to wave-shaped gold plates and gold earrings with small, colored details.

The great quality of stud earrings is that you can use them for themselves or combine them with big earrings in gold. If you have multiple holes in your ears, they are perfect as earring number two, giving you the opportunity to stand out with your own unique jewelry composition.

If you want gold-plated earrings with beads on, you will find earrings with both colored enamel and colored stones. You will also find the beautiful freshwater pearl, which is a classic that goes back many years. With gold earrings from Enamel Copenhagen, you will always feel delicious and ready for the day!

Big Earrings in gold - Try the New Trend!

Today, gold-plated earrings can hardly get big enough, and this applies to both width and length. We closely follow the trends of the time, and therefore our selection of gold earrings of course also offers the larger ones.

We have a multitude of earrings that have a little more length. By that we mean a beautiful pendant, chains and hanging enamel balls in different colors. You will also find large earrings in gold that have soft shapes and beautiful details in the gold itself. If you are into the popular hoops with a little extra, then we have combined the best of both worlds. You will also find hoops with pendants that give you the round volume and the elegant fullness of the pendant. Big gold earrings with pendants is a sure winner.

The large gold earrings are perfect for both every day and the seasonal party. In a time where jewelry is the main element for everyday life, you can easily spice up your outfit by putting on the large earrings. It draws attention in just the right way and takes your outfit to new heights.

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Our mission is to create a jewelry universe for you who want unique jewelry with attention to detail. Our reasonable prices ensure that everyone can participate. Our gold earrings can easily be combined with our other jewelry, and you will often find a necklace that fits exactly the earrings that you fall in love with.

We believe that shopping online should be quick and easy. Therefore, we always make sure to send your favorites shortly after ordering. Our delivery time is only 1-4 days, and the shipping might even be free, depending on the value of your order. Keep an eye out for our campaigns, such as free shipping, gift with purchase etc. In this way, we ensure that you always have a good experience at Enamel Copenhagen.

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