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At ENAMEL Copenhagen, we make jewelry for you who love to create your own style. With the playful and elegant styles, you get the opportunity to put together your jewelry in exactly the way you want. Right here we have put together our large selection of beautiful earrings, where there is something for everyone.

At ENAMEL Copenhagen you always get high quality and a unique design!

Buy reasonable priced earrings at Enamel Copenhagen – We have a large selection

Our range offers a sea of beautiful earrings for women.  You will find everything from fine studs and cute earrings with pearls to the classic hoops and creoles. And it's not the only thing. Because we have also played with beads and stones, so you can find Enamel earrings for every occasion. All Enamel gold earrings are made of 18 karat gold plated sterling silver, so you get plenty of quality for your money.

You will find both earrings for everyday and cool earrings, that can easily be styled for your daily adventures, or for a party. You can choose the simple hoops that go perfectly with the casual outfit, or you can choose small simple earrings with small stones or beads. If you need something for the party, you will find gold earrings with length, which are decorated with colored pearls. And then, of course, there are the large earrings or dangling earrings, that add a little extra elegance with the beautiful silhouettes.

Then explore our many inexpensive earrings for women and choose the jewelry that suits you.

Find special and unusual earrings for the self-conscious woman

At ENAMEL Copenhagen, we have a clear vision. We would like to create jewelry for the woman who is curious and knows herself and her style. Therefore, we have a selection of very different types of earrings, which are simple, but all with their unique distinctive features. They are therefore easy to combine, while each of them gives their own impression. Our timeless gold and silver earrings are suitable for any season and event.

Enamel is something very special to us. The enamel is a characteristic that is repeated in all our jewelry. Today, the fine and colorful enamel is seen as a fantastic detail on a lot our jewelry. This applies to your earrings, bracelets, rings or necklace.

Our simple earrings are a classic for many

There is no denying that every girl and woman has her own unique accessories, that can make every outfit something very special. And here the jewelry is one of the most important things.

In everyday life, many women jump in a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and maybe a blazer for a classic and stylish look. But if you want to make your outfit personal, Enamel earrings are the right thing to choose. Jewelry itself is one of the best tools to complete your style, and simple earrings for girls and women, are an easy way to go the extra mile.

Our gold earrings have become a regular part of everyday life for many women. Here you get the combination of beautiful gold, both small and big earrings and the extra design details, that give each piece of jewelry its own Expression. For us, it is important to design gold earrings for all girls and women, which is why our range ranges far and wide.

Our many ENAMEL gold stud earrings are also easily worn in an everyday life. Here you get a pair of special or even unusual earrings that are both simple, beautiful, and extremely elegant.

Get creoles and hoops for both every day and party

When we talk about earrings, we cannot avoid some of the very special ones. Both creoles and hoops, have taken the world fashion scene by storm, and they are here to stay. With a pair of creoles, you hit a trend that is characterized by a sophisticated and cool look at the same time. Maybe it sounds like an impossible task, but it's true. We have given the classic creoles and hoops new sizes and silhouettes, where the details give the simple creoles a new expression.

We are experts in gold creoles and hoops. We believe that you should have the opportunity to create a simple and pretty look for everyday life, and the same earrings can of course be used for special events. You can choose the very small and simple and maybe even cute earrings, or you can jump on the larger model that gives you even more edge and character.

If you would rather play with beads and stones, you will also find that at Enamel Copenhagen. We have hoops with small pendants, beautiful stones and in chunky sizes, that give you a pair of earrings that fit perfectly for an evening out.

We have both gold and silver earrings

We know that women have different preferences, for different types of earrings. That's why we don't just have gold earrings. You'll also find a wide range of silver earrings to get your favorite design. We have taken all the best and greatest classics and made it possible to find them in both gold and silver. Of course, the quality is the same, so you get the same pleasure with your Enamel earrings for women in silver.

You will find the classic hoops and the large statement earrings that have unique shapes and beautiful details. Common to them all is, that they give you the opportunity to spice up your outfit in the way you want.

Get fast and even free shipping at Enamel Copenhagen, depending on your order value

We believe that shopping online should be quick and easy. Therefore, we always make sure to send your favorites shortly after ordering. Our delivery time is only 1-5 days depending on where you live, and the shipping can be completely free – see our shipping prices worldwide here! In this way, we ensure that you always get a good experience at Enamel Copenhagen.

In addition, you will always find a lot of exciting news and promotions on our website. We often launch new and beautiful collections that we look forward to you seeing. If you are looking for a pair of extra inexpensive earrings, we recommend that you dive into our sale, where we have many unique styles at discounted prices.