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Explore our playful jewelry universe right here.  At Enamel, we have an eye for trends, when we design silver and gold necklaces, which is why you will find many popular styles. We have everything from the thin and classic chain to large necklaces, necklaces with pendants and even the perfect string of pearls with amazing colors.

With us, the detail is in focus. We follow the big trends and favorites in the fashion scene, which gives us inspiration to create different Enamel News. Our necklaces for women can be worn for many years and tell a unique story about all women who wear them.

Welcome to our universe of feminine necklaces

Enamel is a Copenhagen jewelry brand that has existed since 2012. It is founded with a dream and philosophy that Enamel necklaces should be exciting, innovative quality jewelry. We want to create modern classics for you that are produced in the best materials. But without it having to cost you a fortune.

Our universe is both light and feminine. The jewelry leans on the fashion industry, while we play and experiment with our own unique character. We aim to give you a unique selection of necklaces for women in gold and silver that stand out, but at the same time contain the perfect balance between class and character.

We work with constant renewal. Because we know that nothing stands still. Therefore, you will find four new collections every year, where we present you with modern classics. Common to them all is that they always contain a piece of Enamel's DNA.

Any of our necklace for women in gold are made of 18 karat gold plated sterling silver. We do not compromise on anything. Because all women should be able to afford to let loose and find the right jewelry at the best prices.

Find personal and cute necklaces with us

If there is one piece of jewelry that wins our hearts time and time again, it must be the simple and cute necklace. It falls easily across the neck, which gives a feminine and beautiful expression. Whether it's thick or thin is entirely up to you, because we have it all at Enamel.

The simple gold chain goes well with the big trend of the time. You can combine it with a longer necklace chain or let the colors shine in a statement necklace with beads. You can also just wear it just as it is. Because the golden surface never fails.

Long necklaces for women

We have also played with shapes and sizes. Therefore, you will also find chains from Enamel that have more shape and fullness. This applies to both the design of the chain with larger links and the necklace with more length.

Personalized necklaces - Make your necklace your very own

An Enamel necklace is never the same. For all our personal necklaces  in gold and silver, you can easily put them together in different ways. Therefore, the chains differ not only in length, but also in their expression.

Our playful mindset shows itself, among other things, in our many necklaces with different beads. Here you will find beautiful pastel colors that sit like a fine string of pearls on a simple gold chain. You will also find all the colors of the rainbow gathered in the same chain, where the colors are allowed to set the standard for your outfit. Or you can choose a gold necklace with a single pearl for the amazing and simple elegance.

Pendants have made necklaces a personal tale today. Our range of gold necklaces also offers a wealth of options if you want a pendant at the end of your necklace. You will find the round shapes, the square ones and the colored ones. Every single version is thought through to the end. Therefore, there are also small details on the gold chain that make sure that your necklace is something very special for you.

Do you know our MY NAME. MY STORY necklaces? Find your personalized necklace here.

Buy necklaces in both gold and Sterling silver – we have value for your money

Today, both gold necklaces  and sterling silver necklaces are  popular. Especially the combination of both metals we see more and more of. Our range therefore does not only consist of low priced high quality necklaces in gold. You will also find silver necklaces that are based on some of our most popular gold chains.

The popular necklaces range far and wide. You can therefore easily combine them with each other or jump into the beautiful mix between gold and silver. The two contrasts play beautifully together, and you can do exactly the same with our bracelets or rings. All our jewelry lives under the same wings. Therefore, there is a common thread between them all that makes the playful universe ideal for creating personal combinations.

All our modern necklaces in silver consist of the same good quality as our gold necklaces. Nothing is left to chance, and we hope you can see that in the many different expressions that our jewelry has.

Get free and fast shipping at Enamel Copenhagen

We believe that shopping online should be quick and easy. Therefore, we always make sure to send your favorites shortly after ordering. Our delivery time is only 1-3 days, depending on your whereabouts, and the shipping can becompletely free or at fair rates! In this way, we ensure that you always have a good experience at Enamel. See our terms and conditions here.

In addition, you will always find a sea of exciting news and promotions on our website. We often launch new and beautiful collections that we look forward to you seeing. If you are looking for a good bargain, we recommend that you dive into our sale, where we have many beautiful necklaces at extra discounted prices.

Buy pretty necklaces for women at Enamel today!

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