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On this page you will find our selection of beautiful hoops and creole earrings. They vary in everything from size and thickness to shape and color. The range consists primarily of gold hoops in 18 karat gold-plated sterling silver, but you will also find designs in the beautiful silver shade. 

The beautiful, round Creole hoop earrings have been in style for decades, and they will remain so. An absolute must have for the jewelry collection! 

Our selection offers adventurous hoops for every taste. Explore right here!

Ear hoops - Uncompromising quality at a low price

Our journey started back in 2012, and since then we have launched a wide range of collections. Each collection has been based on the simple shape and unique details of the jewelry, and here we have presented the world with new designs every time. 

All our earrings hoops are made of durable sterling silver, which either shapes itself in its natural silver shade or is gold plated with 18 karat gold. 

It may sound like an expensive pleasure, but in fact you can say goodbye to the high prices. For us, high quality does not equal high prices. Instead, Enamel Copenhagen is for all women, and therefore anyone can participate. Although we have jewelry at reasonable prices, quality has not been spared. This means that our big hoops, small hoops, large hoops, mini hoops, etc. always come in the best quality.

Creole earrings and hoop earrings are eternal classics

Few women have yet to own a set of round earrings. If you haven't yet, you have good times ahead. Hoops and creole earrings are an essential piece of jewelry that goes with everything. The round rings in the ears have been seen in a multitude of forms. We have seen the very large ones, the wide hoops earrings, and the very small hoops and small creole earrings that simply envelop the earlobe. 

We go directly into a tendency that has been on trend for a long time. Jewelry should be timeless and durable, while giving you a unique elegance. We have tried to create this with our selection of gold hoops and silver hoops, which you will find right here on the page. 

The selection is carefully selected to give you something unique every time you fall for a set of earrings. Of course, we have the classic styles, but also hoops, where we have played with colors and shapes. We can't help it, because it creates some beautiful silhouettes and some designs you haven't seen before. The sizes are also different, so you can find a pair that matches your wishes.

Find hoops earrings that push the boundaries 

Jewelry is a matter of taste, and therefore we have of course provided an assortment of hoops and creoles, which also offers something for you who think that the classic round earring, will be a little too boring. Our playful universe and penchant for beautiful shapes and colored details have resulted in a wide variety of round earrings. 

If you dream of hoops with more detail and surprise, we have, for example, played with our fantastic freshwater pearls. They help create games and volume that are guaranteed to be noticed. If you are into hoops with pendants, then our creoles with hanging beads are a sure hit. In addition, we also have thin hoops earrings, where the fine beads sit directly on the ring, which suits all occasions.  Creole earrings with pearls are always a good choice! 

In addition, in our large range we also have creole earrings with stones. The stones are available in both large and small, as well as in different colors. It's the perfect way to get some color into your wardrobe. 

Common to them all is that they contain a small piece of our DNA. They therefore have the unique common thread from Enamel Copenhagen, but still plenty of room for you to put your own stamp on them.

Create your own look with Creoles from Enamel

The detail is something we love. It can be easy and simple to create the detail you want. Therefore, it is common to all our earrings at Enamel Copenhagen that you can combine them in your very own way. This applies to our many other earrings, our bracelets, rings and necklaces. 

We have made sure that all jewelry is produced in the same materials, and comes from the same playful and dreamy trend that Enamel is a part of. Just as the name, you will find the fine enamel on many of our jewelry. 

Hoops presents themselves well in interaction with each other. You can choose to use two simple hoops in the same ear or finish the look with a small hoop earring. Of course, you can also choose to let the jewelry be a work of art and mix large and small across all collections.

Buy hoops and creoles at Enamel Copenhagen – low cost shipping and in some cases, even free shipping!

Whether you are looking for small hoops, big hoops earrings, gold hoops or silver hoops, doesn't matter to us. We have tried to create a versatile selection that hits the fashion-conscious and strong woman. We have made room for the jewelry to tell your story and for you to attribute your own identity to it. At the same time, you get the best quality, which is also affordable. 

Then go hunting in our jewelry universe and let play, elegance and imagination draw you. At Enamel Copenhagen , we make it easy for you to shop online. Our shipping is free, depending on your location – see our terms here and we deliver within just a few business days. Treat yourself or find your gift with us.