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Gold bracelets

The bracelet can be something extraordinary. When it comes to jewellery, it is often necklaces and earrings that people primarily search for, whilst the bracelet is an overlooked detail. But, thankfully, the bracelet has come back onto the fashion scene, and it will continue to be around for some time. A fine detail on the wrist makes you look and feel seductive and beautiful in a whole new way. Of course, we have made sure that you can find bracelets in gold that we are confident will be just to your liking.

Whatever you are searching for - a completely thin chain, tiny pearls, colours, or a chunkier look - you will find it all with us. Our gold bracelets are based on simplicity and playfulness, whilst retaining a chic, classic look - offering you some indispensable jewellery to wear every day.

On this page, you will find our large selection of gold bracelets. In addition, you can also take a closer look at our gold earrings and necklaces that match all of our bracelets; you can put together your own perfect jewellery combination that makes you even more beautiful and shows the strong woman you are.

The simple bracelet can do more than you think

At Enamel, our design history is based on some solid principles which feature at the core of our jewellery. When we design, we create unique, pared-down style, so you get simple, straightforward, and beautiful jewellery. We know very well how much value there is in a very simple bracelet. Here we are talking about thin chains and modest details that translate into elegant pieces of jewellery. A simple bracelet can be worn as a statement piece by itself or with others in different combinations.

We have designed a wide range of small, thin gold bracelets, each of which can be worn entirely on its own. From classic gold chains to chains with tiny links, there is much to choose from. You will also find our fine enamel balls in different colour ranges to complement your selection; when it comes to our Lola series, the coloured balls are the centrepiece of the design, giving you simple jewellery that holds life and play.

The simple bracelets are particularly suitable for interaction with each other. Here you can easily combine colours and simple chains with different structures. That way, you get a unique combination of your personal favourites.

Gold bracelet with the detail in the centre

It is not only the very simple bracelets in gold that we like. We also love the crucial detail that is the core of your bracelet. You will find, amongst other pieces, our pearl bracelet with a beautiful freshwater pearl, small gold circles, or a tiny four-leaf clover, so you can always have a lucky charm close by.

The fine details present a bracelet in gold, telling a delicate story in itself. Our gold bracelets can be combined with a simple gold necklace or a one-of-a-kind matching one. You will also find our Ball Chain bracelet - a simple chain with fine enamel detail. With different colour shades of our enamel to choose from, you can combine something very simple with striking or contrasting details.

Larger bracelets for everyday wear and parties

Today, combinations of various gold bracelets are a trend that is at its peak. And here, at Enamel, many choose to combine the skinny bracelets with thicker chains to create more volume on their wrist. Our selection of bracelets in gold, therefore, also include wide bracelets and chunky gold chains, but they still maintain a simple and elegant look.

Our wide chains have the finest expression with warm gold. In addition, they all contain a piece of our DNA. Enamel means enamel, therefore the vast majority of our bracelets have a small enamel ball at the lock or as a featured element. You will also find beautiful combinations of pearls, balls, and fine gold details that can add a little extra to your bracelet.

The wide bracelets in gold are also ideal if your jewellery is to be a featured accessory. They look perfect with a black dress or a white shirt where details and beautiful shades demonstrate the strong woman you are.

Play, humour and creativity are the hallmarks of Enamel

There is no doubt about what our mission is: we design jewellery for strong and free women who want simple, playful, and timeless accessories. We care about quality, and therefore all of our jewellery is made from 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver - at prices that everyone can afford.

Back in 2012, Marie Rantzau started Enamel. Today, our collections contain graceful elegance and a touch of humour that makes each piece of jewellery unique in its own right. Light, and a feminine world, are the focal points of all our designs. We give you the opportunity to stand out with jewellery that tells a tale in itself.

Marie Rantzau finds inspiration especially from the East, where all our jewellery is produced. She shapes and constructs her ideas, then cuts them right down to the core of what is central to form our beautiful gold bracelets. Detailed thoughts and considered designs underlie our thin gold bracelets, pearl bracelets, and chunky chains.

Buy beautiful gold bracelets from Enamel

Our selection of bracelets in gold ranges far and wide. Our tried and tested collections ensure there is something for all women to choose from. You will find very simple chains in fantastic colour shades with fine, exquisite details, in an elegant and feminine style that makes it easy to mix and match different bracelets and other jewellery combinations.

So, go hunting here on our website, where you will find a large selection of jewellery to choose from. We are constantly creating new designs for you, and are, therefore, frequently bringing new collections to life. Because of this, you can continually find the jewellery you desire the most, which tells a unique story about who you are.

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