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On this page you will see our large selection of gold bracelets. Whether you are into the very thin chain, small pearls, colors, or a chunkier look, you will find it all at Enamel Copenhagen.

 Our gold bracelets for women are simple, playful, and elegant. In common, they have the high quality, which consists of 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver. A durable material that is both beautiful and affordable. 

Explore our many gold-plated bracelets below. The many styles can be combined and suitable for any event.

 The thin gold bracelet is a must-have

At Enamel Copenhagen, our design history is based on strong basic principles that are at the heart of our jewelry. It is the simplification, elegance and the fine detail that is the icing on the cake. 

We know that the simple bracelet is indispensable. Here we are talking about the thin chains and simple details that help to create an elegant piece of jewelry. A simple gold bracelet can be used both for itself or with other jewelry from Enamel Copenhagen - for example, one of our fine gold rings.

We have designed a wide range of small, thin gold bracelets for women, each of which has its own expression. The selection moves from a classic gold chain to chains with small links. You will also find our fine enamel balls in different colors. Because when it comes to our LOLA series, the colored beads are at the center, and it gives you simple jewelry that still holds life and play. The colored enamel balls, by the way, hand painted. 

The simple bracelets are particularly suitable in interaction with each other. Here you can easily combine a gold chain bracelet, a dainty gold bracelet and simple chains of various textures. That way, you get a unique combination of your personal favorites.

Our gold bracelets for women has unique details.

It's not just the thin gold bracelets that we love. We also love the crucial detail that is at the heart of your bracelet. You will find, among other things, our pearl bracelet with a beautiful freshwater pearl, small gold circles or a small four-leaf clover, so you always have luck up close. 

The fine detail gives you bracelets in gold, which tells the story itself. You can combine them with a simple gold necklace or find a matching one. You will also find our Ball Chain bracelet, which consists of a simple chain with the fine enamel detail. With different color shades in our enamel, you can combine the simple with a nice detail.

Use gold-plated bracelets for both every day and party

Today, combinations with different gold bracelets are a trend that is at its peak. And here many choose to combine a gold chain bracelet for women with more volume and thicker chains. Our selection of bracelets in gold therefore also includes wide bracelets and chunky gold chains, but where you can still enjoy the simple and elegant expression. A wide gold bracelet has the finest expression with the warm gold.

In addition, all bracelets have a piece of our DNA. Enamel our name, is something we really thought about and we implement enamel in our collections, and therefore most of our bracelets have a small enamel ball at the lock or as the supporting element. You will also find beautiful combinations between beads, beads and fine gold details that add a little extra to your bracelet.

The wide bracelets in gold are also ideal if your jewelry is to be the supporting element. It is perfect together with the black dress or the white shirt, where details and beautiful shades show your unique personality.

Play, humor, and creativity characterize our gold bracelets

There is no doubt about what our mission is. We design jewelry for the fashion-conscious woman who wants simple jewelry that is both playful and timeless classics. We cherish the quality, and therefore all our jewelry is produced in 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver. All at prices that everyone can join.

Back in 2012, Marie Rantzau started Enamel Copenhagen. Today, our collections contain graceful elegance and a touch of humor that makes each bracelet unique and its own. The light, feminine universe is the focal point of all our designs. We give you the opportunity to stand out with jewelry that is a story.

The inspiration is especially found in the East, where all the jewelry is also produced. Marie makes sure to build all ideas so that unique gold-plated bracelets can be created for every taste, no matter if you like a gold charm bracelet or something completely different.

Beautiful women’s gold bracelets from ENAMEL Copenhagen

Our selection of gold-plated bracelets spans far and wide. There must be something for all women, and we have tried that with our range. Then go hunting here on the site, where you will find our large selection of beautiful gold-plated bracelets.

We are constantly working to create new and different jewelry for you, which is why we are constantly bringing new collections to life. That way, you can find the jewelry you love the most and that tells you something about who you are.

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