Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The following sales and delivery conditions apply to all deliveries from ENAMEL Copenhagen. The conditions apply in those cases where no other written agreements have been settled between you as the buyer and ENAMEL Copenhagen.

All the stated prices at ENAMEL Copenhagen include danish VAT (25%). We reserve the right to errors in the prices stated, just as we reserve the right to change the prices without prior notice.

Sold out items
Reservations are made for sold out items and supplier failure.

Shipping, delivery and contracts
Delivery in denmark happens with GLS. This agreement is made in Danish.

Freight DENMARK:

We offer FREE SHIPPING in Denmark to GLS parcel shops. We choose the parcel shop nearest you when your shipment is booked. Here the delivery time is typically 1-3 business days from the day we ship the item.

If you want delivery directly to the door, we also give you the opportunity for GLS private delivery i DK. Here the shipping is 50 DKK.

If you want delivery for business (workplace) we also give you the opportunity for GLS business delivery in DK. Here the shipping is 40 DKK.

Freight Europe:

Orders abroad are sent with GLS or UPS.

The freight price for orders sent to Europe is 9 EURO.

We offer FREE SHIPPING for orders above 99 EURO.

Shipping abroad can take up to 14 business days, depending on the destination, from the day we ship the item. You are welcome to contact us to hear more.

Please note that shipments to Norway and UK are subject to customs upon delivery. This also occur to other contries outside EU. 

Freight Rest of the world: 

Orders are sent with GLS or UPS. Freight costs will be visible in your cart. 

NOTE! For purchases under stock sale/sale a longer delivery time must be expected. It is not possible to use / combine gift cards and discount codes on the same order.

If delays occur at GLS or UPS this will correspondingly delay the delivery, and ENAMEL Copenhagen cannot be held responsible for this.

The delivery is considered to have taken place when the item has been attempted to be delivered at the customer’s address.

If the chosen parcel shop filled, for example bacuse of Christmas / Black Friday, the package will be delivered to another parcel shop. ENAMEL Copenhagen can not be held responsible for this. 

The risk passes to the customer as a consumer at the time of delivery.

When we have received your order/payment, the item will be sent at the same time. If the item is delayed, you will receive a message via e-mail or phone. The items are ordered online and can be paid with Dankort, Visa, Visa Elektron, Eurocard, Maestro or MobilePay.

The invoice will be attached to the item and is valid as your receipt and warranty certificate.

We do not exchange items on the webshop. If you want other items than the ones you have received, you must return them back to us and then make a new order for the desired items. The shipping costs for the return is borne by the buyer.

Please note that gift cards can not be exchanged for cash. 

Return policy / Right of withdrawal
There is a 30-day right of return / right of withdrawal from when the item is received by the customer. If you have paid by credit card the amount will be refunded to the same card as you paid with when placing the order, within a few days.


Please note that for stock sales / sales, there is only a 14-day return policy.

If you regret the purchase, you must send the item back to the following address at your own expense:

ENAMEL Copenhagen

Dronning Olgas Vej 15A, 1 sal

2000 Frederiksberg

Please note: We do not accept return packages sent to a parcel box / parcel shop or by COD (Cash on delivery). Returns are to be sent directly to our address. 

If you return the item, it has to be in the same condition as when you received it. 

In addition to the item itself, which has to be securely packed, please attach a copy of the invoice.

If you have paid by credit card the amount will be refunded to the same card as you paid with when placing the order, within a few days.

If you use the return policy / right of withdrawal, you will get your money back as soon as we have received the item back, and had the opportunity to examine it.


We run campaigns where gifts are added to your order. Should you choose to return your order the gift must also be returned. If not, the value of the gift will be deducted from your return.  

Special terms for purchases during stock sales/sales
We make reservations for sold out items during stock sales/sales. 

During sale items might have further reductions. We do not offer refund afterwards. 

Gift cards/Discount codes
It is not possible to use / combine gift cards and discount codes on the same order.  

Registration of information
ENAMEL Copenhagen registers your name and address as well as the invoice in its customer directory in connection with the purchase. The information is not passed on, but ENAMEL Copenhagen retains the registration for five years, as required by law.


Damages / Defects upon delivery

If you have received a package that bears the mark of being damaged, you must immediately take pictures of the package / packaging. The same applies if the delivered jewelery has also been damaged during the actual shipment. You must be able to present pictures of the package / packaging itself, as well as the damaged content to claims@enamel.dk

Also remember to store the damaged packaging until the case is fully completed. This can take up to 2 months, as our freight supplier can ask for physical evidence throughout this period, even if the case is settled with us.

Should there be defects in the shipment due to the damaged packaging, the above procedure must be followed in the same way.

Complaint handling
In the event of errors and defects, please contact ENAMEL Copenhagen as soon as possible. If the order is purchased at one of our merchants, please contact the merchant directly.

However, errors and omissions must be invoked within a reasonable time. Two years after receipt of the goods, the right to complain ceases in accordance with the Sale of Goods Act, section 83, subsection. 1, unless otherwise agreed. When ENAMEL Copenhagen receives a complaint about an item, the complaint is processed as soon as possible.

Always contact ENAMEL Copenhagen in case you have a complaint! 

This is done by sending an email to claims@enamel.dk with a clear picture of the item, as well as your order number. After this, ENAMEL Copenhagen decides whether the product has been approved as a complaint and how the case is subsequently processed.


Guidelines for complaints
ENAMEL Copenhagen provides a 2-year warranty on all jewelry. However, we distinguish between manufacturing defects, wear and tear, misuse and natural acid.

Manufacturing defects cover defects in the production of the jewelry. An example of a production error could be if a piece of jewelry loses its enamel/stones, if an eyelet on a bracelet has gone up or if a lock will not close. We will always exchange jewelry with a manufacturing defect. If you are in doubt whether it is a manufacturing defect or not you are welcome to contact us.

Wear and tear means that the jewelry has been used for a long time and thus can be expected to be worn. Wear and tear is not covered by the right of complaint. An example of wear and tear can be gold plating and rhodium plating, which are continuously degraded when using the jewelry. We therefore do not exchange jewelry that has lost their gilding or rhodium plating. This must be expected as it is a thin coating on the jewelry.

Misuse means that the jewelry has been damaged as a result of improper use or abuse of the product. Misuse is not covered by the right of complaint. An example of misuse of the jewelry could be if a jewelry has changed color as a result of lying freely or by being exposed to moisture, cream, soap, hairspray, detergents or similar. In these cases, the piece of jewelry will quickly become darker and discolored. Jewelry must be kept in closed bags or in their jewelry boxes when not in use to maintain the great look for as long as possible. Jewelry that is discolored in the metal will not be accepted as a complaint because they have been exposed to incorrect storage/use. Another example of misuse is if a piece of jewelry is broken in the chain itself. Many of our jewelry has thin chains that do not withstand jerks. Therefore, a piece of jewelry that is broken in the chain itself will not be approved as a complaint, as we consider this to be self-inflicted.

Another example is our enamel jewelry. The enamel itself can lose its color or fall off if, for example, it lies in a windowsill and is exposed to direct sunlight, or if it is exposed to moisture (when bathing), hair spray, cream, perfume, etc. This is considered self-inflicted and will not be approved as a complaint.

Natural acid in the skin means that e.g. an earring can become black / discolored on the stem itself which runs through the ear, as well as the area around it. This is due to the natural acid in the body / skin and is not considered a complaint. If your earrings turn black on the earplug or the chain that goes through the ear, you can try cleaning it with a dry cloth or with a jeweler's cleaner. However, the black does not harm you or the earrings and they can easily be used despite this.

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