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Explore our ENAMEL Copenhagen universe, which offers unique silver earrings that never go out of style. In our selection of sterling silver earrings, you will find everything from simple classics to wild styles with pearls and fine details. With us, you can always find the perfect pair of earrings for any event. 

At ENAMEL Copenhagen, we cherish craftsmanship, which is why all earrings are made of durable sterling silver. Take a closer look and find your favorites. We deliver for free in only 1-3 business days!

ENAMEL Copenhagen has been creating real silver earrings since 2012.

ENAMEL was founded in 2012 by Marie Rantzau, who today is creative director and owner of the Danish jewellery brand.

Although gold jewelry is our big specialty, we have of course not chosen the find silver shades from. That is why we have designed a wide range of beautiful earrings in silver, where you get beautiful silhouettes, amazing shapes, and unique expressions.

Since the very beginning, ENAMEL Copenhagen has had one special characteristic, which is the simple approach to timeless jewelry. Fortunately, that doesn't mean it gets boring. We combine simplicity with a playful lightness, which always results in unique styles.

We create innovative jewelry based on the biggest trends, and our selection offers both necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. We have not chosen to reject this common thread, because it should be easy to mix our jewellery across the board.

We dream of creating stories and empowering you to tell who you are.

Find simple silver earrings for all occasions.

If there's one kind of silver earring you can't do without, it's the very simple ones. Here you get the perfect balance between the feminine expression and the stylish choice, where you get the best from the concept of less is more.

For example, silver earrings are ideal in combination with larger earrings, or if you have several piercings in your ears.

The selection of silver stud earrings contains beautiful shapes and fine details. The small silver earrings come both with stones and other exciting elements. This makes the earrings beautiful in themselves or together with silver necklaces, silver bracelets etc.

Try the Silver drop earrings with volume and length.

It should be no secret that the silver drop earrings have come back in the best way. Today, fun shapes and volumes are allowed to fill many women's wardrobes around the world, and we are happy about that.

Our range offers long silver drop earrings, silver earrings for women and even unusual silver earrings, where you get fine stones and details that give your earrings a little extra. You can also let slim chains hang as beautiful silhouettes from your ears or make room for silver hanging earrings where the detail is turned up a little extra.

Our larger earrings work perfectly in combination with silver stud earrings  or small hoops if you have multiple holes in your ears. You can also easily give edge and character to your expression by wearing a fullness and length earring in one ear and a simple stud ear in the other. Because with our silver earrings you  get ample opportunity to play with the jewelry as you like.

Explore our silver hoops earrings and creoles

If you are looking for beautiful silver earrings that never go out of style, we have made sure that you can choose freely on our site. Of course, we are talking about creoles and hoops earrings in silver, which have really become classics that are always part of the biggest trends of the time.

Our silver creoles range widely. We have simple ones, but also many playful styles with interesting shapes and sizes. For example, twisted hoops, hoops with pendants or voluminous hoops that make any outfit something very special.

With silver creoles and hoops earrings, you can be absolutely sure that your outfit will be lifted to a whole new level. They look the finest way with your white T-shirt and favorite jeans, and in this way your jewelry can be allowed to define your look and who you are.

Buy silver earrings with us - Quality at low prices.

At ENAMEL Copenhagen, everyone can join. We have incredibly reasonable prices on our quality jewelry. We want all women to be able to wear and enjoy our designs. 

With our wide range, you get the opportunity to tell your very own story. Wear our jewelry separately or find a complete set-in silver. We have retained the idea of the common thread, so you can mix and match or be drawn by one special design.

Go hunting right here and find your future sterling large or small silver hoop earrings . If you are curious about our silver earrings on offer or SALE, look at our sale here.