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Gold rings

There is nothing finer than beautiful gold rings. At least not if you ask us. Because when it comes to wearing jewellery to be seen, which gives you a feminine look, gold rings are a perfect choice. They are detailed, elegant, and simultaneously simple, and there are no limits to how big or small, or how many you choose to wear in one go.

Rings have been a traditional jewellery staple for many years; they can symbolise marriage, but can be purely worn as a decorative element for both men and women. That is why we have created a wide, playful and vibrant variety of finger rings, from where you can choose a modern classic of your liking.

Our selection has something for every woman. We design jewellery for strong and free women who want to be unrestricted in showing off and telling their own unique stories. On our website, you will find stones, pearls, and beautiful forms that make the rings come alive in both structure and expression.

Enamel designs jewellery for all women

Since 2012, Enamel has had a clear vision: to design beautiful and simple jewellery for women of all ages, at a price which almost everyone can afford. We have chosen to stand out in the jewellery world, where it is often an expensive pleasure to get good quality. We do not compromise on design or quality, and therefore all of our jewellery is produced in 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver.

Our design history is based on some core elements which become the focal point of all our gold rings. As a result, we create classic styles that can be worn for many years, whilst at the same time still upholding a strong sense of elegance and playfulness. Our selection of gold rings, therefore, consists of a wide range of designs where creativity has no bounds.

The Enamel woman is a strong woman who chooses her jewellery based on a sophisticated taste. She creates herself and lets neither fashion nor the world affect her, just like can be said about you; having a desire to create your own narrative and stand out in just the way you like is important.

Simple finger rings with small details

A large selection of our rings highlights simplicity and timelessness as a focal point. We have many thin gold rings, each of which feature unique details that define them, such as small, shiny aspects, fun shapes, and different structures.

Our small rings, which are open at the top, are designed with attention to detail. Here you will find elements, such as tiny bubbles and stones, that are designed to decorate the top of your finger. The open expression in the rings is exquisite and gives you a simple finger ring that stands out from more ordinary ones.

In addition, you will also find classic rings where we have played with the structure and form. For example, you will find tiny, round bubbles that sit like pearls on a string, or you can jump on a love ring where hearts form the circle of the band.

You can never get too many rings

Mixing your rings can be a great way to create a unique look and create your own preferences. And what's better than combining simple rings with more volume and more extensive details? Our wide selection of gold rings also consists of a large number that have more in-depth features or more fullness.

For example, you will discover one ring with a large freshwater pearl. And yes, it’s true, we have created an entire jewellery set, so you can also match your ring with pearls on your necklace or earrings. You will also find larger rings with beautiful structures and small set stones, where we have transformed a plain gold band into something extraordinary and utterly gorgeous.

The large rings are perfect to combine with simpler ones. You can easily wear several large rings on the same hand because you can make the statement you choose when it comes to wearing gold rings. All of our rings are adjustable – that way you can change and differ the size yourself according to which finger your ring sits on.

Let the jewellery decide who you are

It's not just rings that we have designed for you. Our selection of jewellery also consists of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, so you can always find two items that match each other. We have made it easy to choose a complete jewellery set if you’re the one who dreams of finding a common theme or feature across your jewellery pieces.

Our gold rings have a beautiful, warm shade which makes them ideal for matching other pieces in our collections, or complimenting jewellery you may already have at home. Whether in everyday jeans and T-shirt, or something smarter, our jewellery is guaranteed to complete your outfit. Your hands are constantly in motion, and the same goes for your rings. Whatever you wear, your rings will be noticed and admired the same way that you are.

Buy your gold rings at Enamel

We care about you and beautiful design too. All our rings are safe classics that you can wear for many years without the need to replace them. They hold their own, not only in terms of design, but also in terms of quality.

Enamel is for those of you who want your jewellery to tell a beautiful story. You can lift your chin a little more when you put on our jewellery because we assure you that our pieces are designed to complement your personality and character. Our playful and humorous approach is seen in our choice of colours, shapes, and styles - they instantly appeal to many different women.

We have no age. Jewellery is timeless, and therefore Enamel finger rings can be worn by anyone. This applies to a gold ring with stones, simple, plain bands, and the huge ones with a little extra class. So explore our world of rings in gold and let your character come alive.