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Pearls - find the pearl jewelry you dream of

If you love the delicate combination of simple jewellery and beautiful pearls, then you’re just like us. At Enamel, we are in love with pearl necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. With our jewellery, you get the perfect balance between simplicity and small details that make all the difference. Pearls are unique by themselves, and thus you get a timeless classic with an extraordinary story when you buy pearl jewellery from us.

Quality is essential when it comes to our pearls. Therefore, each pearl is carefully selected and matched in our designs. We only use white and natural freshwater pearls, which ensures elegant jewellery that comes playfully to life whilst being worn.

Wear your pearls as stand-alone pieces, or match with other jewellery when you jump into your favourite outfit. It is entirely up to you how you wear your pearls, but each way will make you feel beautiful. On this page, you can see our selection of pearl jewellery. You will find small, fine gems and similar, larger ones too. We guarantee that there are pearls to suit every taste.

Quality and design with a focus on creating pearl jewellery that lasts forever

There is no doubt about who we design jewellery for. At Enamel, the strong and independent woman is the focus of our customer base. We aim to offer you the opportunity to find jewellery that is both feminine and elegant, and also has characteristics that reflect your own personality. In our pearl jewellery range, we design with both soft and uneven shapes and silhouettes, combining simplicity with class and quality.

Enamel has existed since 2012. Today we are one of the leading jewellery brands in the Scandinavian region. Our mission is to produce quality jewellery with the best materials on the market. That is why we use freshwater pearls that are 100% natural. At the same time, each pearl adds something unique to the fine jewellery you will find here on our site.

When you look in our range, you will find, amongst other things, pearl necklaces and pearl earrings. All our gold chains are produced from 18 carat gold-plated sterling silver, and are created through long-term cooperation with our partners in Thailand.

Find beautiful pearl earrings in different sizes

Pearls are here to stay when it comes to jewellery. If we look back 50 or 100 years in time, we notice beautiful pearl necklaces and pearl earrings worn by prominent women worldwide. Fortunately today, the pearl tradition continues, but with a whole new lease of life. Instead of just simple pearl earrings that consist of only the pearl itself, we have added extra edge and class.

Our pearl earrings are characterized by the fact that they are based on the pearl's central expression. Our dangling pearl earrings let the pearl drop nicely from a gold pendant, which adds life to the pearl itself, allowing it to cast shadows in endearing ways.

If you prefer small pearls, then our designs with delicate pearls on a string of gold may be for you. The small beads sit on a fine line and follow the delicate hoops or chains that they are an integral part of. They add volume and movement, and will certainly make a pretty addition to your daily outfit. We have, of course, also experimented and played with the gold body of our earrings too, entwining Enamel’s DNA into the jewellery with beautiful structures and shapes.

A beautiful pearl pendant allows you to tell the story yourself

When it comes to a pearl necklace, having too many elements at play can be unnecessary – the great pearl magnificently makes its own statement, just as you do when you are dressed in our beautiful pearls.

And what can be better than a pearl pendant you can create for yourself? Our freshwater pearl is available as a pendant, which means you can choose which way you express and wear it. You might decide to combine it with another necklace and thus get two pendants on the same chain, or you might play with colours and textures, giving you a personalized pearl necklace that tells its own story.

If you dream of a chunkier necklace, but where the feminine details have not been compromised, our beautiful pearl necklaces are for you. Here you will find our characteristic green colour together with a small freshwater pearl as a pendant. This chain has more volume than our regular chain, but we have retained its light and simple appearance. At Enamel, we feel strongly that we should leave room for you to express yourself, so offer you many possibilities to choose from.

Combine your pearl bracelet with your favourite jewellery

Our pearl bracelet is available to match your jewellery, with similar options to our necklace with a freshwater pearl. The main thing about our pearl jewellery collections is that you can combine them with other items across our ranges, or with jewellery pieces you may already own.

To enable the pearl to be the centre attraction, and dominate your look, you can choose to combine your pearl bracelet with some of our other pearl rings or pearl earrings. You can also add an extra bracelet and play with both silver and gold combinations when you want to have fun mixing and matching your jewellery.

Buy beautiful pearls at Enamel

Our pearls are for you: the strong woman who wants to make jewellery a statement and let elegance be combined with clear and quality-conscious choices. Choosing Enamel offers you the opportunity for self-expression and the chance to put your very own stamp on your narrative.

Our range is constantly evolving, and this applies to all of our jewellery collections. That is why you will always find something new and exciting on our website, alongside our classic favourites.

So, why not browse our jewellery collections right now and search our range of beautiful pearls on the site, so that you can confidently dress in style today?