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The Advent calendar for 2023 is sold out.

This year's advent calendar has finally arrived, and we've been looking forward to presenting it to you!

Our highly sought-after advent calendar this year comes in the form of a beautiful quality box, designed to serve as a jewelry keeper. Within this elegant box, you'll discover four sparkling jewelry surprises, one for each Sunday in Advent. The four boxes are marked with numbers, so you'll know precisely when you can explore the different treasures.

We won't disclose the contents further, but we guarantee that we've assembled the most exquisite jewelry that you'll take pleasure in wearing ✨

The ENAMEL Copenhagen advent calendar is available in two variants - Delight and Deluxe, in both silver and gold.

  • Delight Advent Calendar, €155 = a minimum value of €270.
  • Deluxe Advent Calendar, €110 = a minimum value of €180.

Please note that our package calendar is sold as a single product. If the seal is broken, the full advent calendar cannot be returned. It is therefore also not possible to return the jewelry individually when the sealing has been broken and the advent calendar has been used.

Don't wait too long, as there's only a limited supply available exclusively on

Treat yourself or someone you cherish with a joyful Christmas surprise and a stylish lined jewelry box. 

We accept exchanges for all gifts until January 31, 2024