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Dive into ENAMEL Copenhagen's fascinating collection of semiprecious stones, where each stone carries its unique meaning and power.

From the spiritual guidance of Quartz, opening the door to a more open spiritual channel, to the protective and calming effect of Aquamarine. Our Aquatic Agate offers healing properties, balancing your brain hemispheres, and strengthening the immune system.

Experience the sunny joy with the yellow Quartz, rumored to bring sunshine and happiness into your life. Take a chance with the courageous brown Jasper, ideal against stress, and an invitation to embrace life's opportunities. The yellow Topaz adds gratitude and prosperity, while the pink Jade opens the heart to love and creates harmony.

Our collection also includes Shell Pearls, soothing the mind and creating inner balance. Explore ENAMEL Copenhagen's world of enchanting semiprecious stones, adding not only beauty to your jewelry collection but also carrying a deeper meaning.