ENAMEL Copenhagen Ring, Ailana Rings Pearl
ENAMEL Copenhagen Ring, Ailana Rings Pearl

Ring, Ailana

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The Ailana ring reminds of a simple round ring, but if you take a closer look you will see how a row of pearls is integrated in the ring shank. The Ailana ring is edgy and elegant at the same time and in a simple way it is making your selection of rings very unique. The Ailana ring can be used in several ways. You can either place the ring so the string of pearls are visible and you can see how the metal beautifully encircles the pearls. You can also turn the ring upside down and in that way you will get a simple, raw ring if you wish to create a plain look. The Ailana ring is also obvious to stack, if you like to have more than one ring on the same finger.

Color: Pearl
Quality: 18k gold-plated sterling silver/Matt
Dimensions: 50, 52, 54, 57


Ring, Ailana

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