ENAMEL Copenhagen Necklace, Bahama Necklaces Aquamarine
ENAMEL Copenhagen Necklace, Bahama Necklaces Aquamarine

Necklace, Bahama

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Our Bahama necklace comes with two different pearl types, coral colored and aquamarine blue. The Bahama necklace is A must-havefor the summer parties or if you wish to dream yourself away to a sandy beach on a grey, rainy day. If you use it alone it will come out as a playful detail on your sun kissed skin and if you combine it with a few other simple necklaces you will get a beautiful and elegant necklace adding color to your other jewelry. The Bahama necklace also comes as a bracelet.

Color: Aquamarine
Quality: 18k gold-plated sterling silver/Matt
Dimensions: 40 + 5 cm


Necklace, Bahama Necklace, Bahama

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