ENAMEL Copenhagen Bracelet, Isla Bracelets Pearl
ENAMEL Copenhagen Bracelet, Isla Bracelets Pearl

Bracelet, Isla

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Our Isla bracelet is a new way of making a chunky bracelet. It is a half pearl- half chain bracelet. we added a special made organic shaped link that gives the Isla bracelet a feminine touch. This is a bracelet without a backside, that looks good no matter which way you turn it. If you would like a thinner version, you should have a look at our Juliana bracelet that likewise is half chain- half pearl bracelet. Isla also comes as a necklace.

Color: Pearl
Quality: 18k gold-plated 925 sterling silver, baroque freshwater pearls and enamel
Dimensions: 19,5 cm


Bracelet, Isla

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