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Stock sale

At Enamel, we always make sure that our range has something for everyone. This does not only apply to the various design solutions we devise. This also applies to the price. We create jewellery for all women who dream of having style and character, but without having to pay too much. Our prices are affordable enough for everyone.

And luckily for you, things are about to get even better if you wish to find your jewellery at a discounted price. Our large stock sale is for those who would like to enjoy a little treat from us to you. We have selected the most beautiful styles, where you can save up to 70% compared to the original price. We make sure that you get offers on jewellery that makes it easy and simple to get new favourites at the very best price.

Our stock sale includes all kinds of jewellery from all over the world. You will find your new necklace, small earrings and bracelet on offer. We have gathered it all right here on this page, so it is easy to find it all in one place. So browse away and find your new favourite pieces on offer right here.

Same high quality at strong prices

Quality is important to us. This applies to all our jewellery, and we are therefore consistent when it comes to the quality that we deliver. Our pieces will suit you even better if someone has thought about materials and details. That is why we have a clear mission when we design all our jewellery. We want to give the free woman the opportunity to know her style and carry herself in the most beautiful way.

Our stock sale contains a wide range of our jewellery. And although you can find great deals and a sale that gives you hugely discounted prices, you do not have to worry. All the pieces on sale consists of the same high quality as all our other jewellery.

The selection varies. By that, we simply mean that we are constantly adding new offers on jewellery in our stock sale. But at the same time, it is also important to strike at the right time. Typically, a lot of the jewellery on this page will be some of the last pieces we have left. If you are not fast enough, they may disappear from under your nose. Therefore, it is also important to be ready to shop for all your favourites.

Find everything for the strong woman in our stock sale

Enamel is synonymous with strong women. At least, that is our clear vision. And with the meaning of the name, enamel, all of our jewellery carries a small piece of our DNA. In return, space has been made for you to fill in the rest of the story yourself, so that you have the opportunity to create your own personality through your jewellery.

It also means that you will find many different pieces of jewellery in our sale. You will find everything from simple bracelets and beautiful earrings to hoops, long necklaces and unique rings. They differ from each other in different ways, yet you will find the common thread through them all. For you, this also means that you can combine your Enamel jewellery in your very own way.

And there are plenty of combinations. All jewellery pieces on offer can also be combined with all our other collections. We always work with the same materials, so you get the same golden shades and shapes. Our playful and easy approach to jewellery gives you pieces that are both unique and classic at the same time. You will also experience this when you browse our stock sale.

Enamel's roots can be found in all our collections

Our stock sales are constantly updated with new and beautiful styles. The great common denominator is the inspiration that owner Marie Rantzau finds mainly in the East. This is also where all the jewellery is produced through long-term collaborations with fantastic manufacturers.

Marie Rantzau develops all her designs by first and foremost building up the pieces. Here, play, imagination and shapes are allowed to float freely, and then they are subsequently cut to the bone. It is Enamel's cornerstone where dreams and play are incorporated into the design and where there is still room to create timeless and elegant jewellery that will last for many years.

Enamel is the dream of the simple, light, playful and humorous elements in jewellery. It characterises our DNA, and you will find it among all the jewellery on offer right here. Behind every piece of jewellery is an idea. And yet you get ample opportunity to combine it all in your own way. With low prices, you can often afford a little extra, and that is something we love about our stock sales.

Shop your jewellery with us

We really want to be your personal jewellery supplier who gives you space to spread your wings. In our stock sale, there are plenty of items to choose from, and every single week, you will find new and great offers for you. You will find both gold and silver, rings, necklaces and everything in between.

If you order from our stock sale, it is important to be aware that there may be a slightly longer delivery time. We want to work as quickly as possible, but during our online stock sale, you may risk a slightly longer waiting time. We will, of course, do everything we can to send your order as soon as possible.

If you want to return the jewellery you have bought in our sale, we have a 14-day full return policy. Our sale only applies as long as we have the jewellery pieces in stock, however.

Dive into our jewellery universe right here on this page, and get ready to dress with style and confidence. With our jewellery pieces on sale, all women can be allowed to feel both beautiful and strong with high-quality jewellery at fantastic prices.